1. Michelin Man

    11/30/2020: Thanks to the Hip and Knee Doctor for editing assistance. ***** My name is John Turrell. I am thirty nine years old, married, and have sixteen-year-old twin sons. I have been a heavy equipment operator for the past twenty years, and enjoy my work while making good money. My marriage sucks. It is Friday, and it is raining buckets, so that means no work today. I am standing just outside one read Sex Story
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  2. New Girl in Town - Chapter 2

    11/30/2020: It's been a while since I've written and a while since Ally and I have started dating, about 3 months. Baseball season is going really well, I'm 5-0 with a .98 era and our team is undefeated. To say the least it's been fun, and now that our team is on the radar, more and more women are starting to notice us when we travel to different states. I've never been in this situation before where I have a read Sex Story
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  3. Gumdrop Ch. 18-19

    11/30/2020: Author's note: Finally Gumdrop's story approaches its end... This is the last submission before the finale in chapters 20 and 21. As absurd as the concepts of hucows and ponygirls are, I tried to take them quite seriously, to delve in the psychology of a hucow or a ponygirl and her owner, in search of what these admittedly strange fetishes mean, at least to me. Therefore, beside the tropes read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: bybushyTrail, Source: Literotica
  4. Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 2

    11/30/2020: Scarsdale, New York: Friday 10th November 2017 Friday night is party night. Most guys all around the world were out with their girlfriends or wives. Me? I was stuck at home while my woman was out with another man, thinking to myself ‘how the hell did we end up here?’ Sue and I were a dedicated, loving and conventional couple. Twice we’d tried something different, and twice we’d stopped read Sex Story
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    11/29/2020: When younger my sexual desire used to throw up fantasies. My first recurring fantasy even before we married was to share my wife with other men. At first it Didn,t seem to be possible, but in the end it happened and more than once so it proved at Times fantasies can become reality. Another recurring fantasy from back in the late 1980s was my sexy wife as a very dirty stripper drawing the line at not much except at pissing which never turned either of us on. But it never looked like it would happen. With two young c***dren and many bills to pay I worked long hours mostly in Night security and m read Sex Story
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  6. Natasha Gets Redneck

    11/29/2020: J.J. was perfect for Natasha. He was a poor substitute for John, but any “fuck port” in a storm. J.J. wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was a decent piece of ass. And sometimes he’d pass her around with one or two of his dumb friends when they got drunk. Which is what he was doing now. Melvin had his hands on her tits, while Billy Bob was feeling her pussy. J.J. watched while read Sex Story
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  7. Mutual Assurance

    11/29/2020: Mutual Assurance An original story by Starrynight. Enjoy. Kate and her sister, Lydia, were meeting for their weekly meeting in one of their regular Cafes. With full time jobs, managing the house, and taking care of their kids, they both cherished these weekly get togethers. It was during these times that they could vent and gossip, a glass of wine in hand, and no one around to judge read Sex Story
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  8. Family Values

    11/29/2020: It was a normal day for the Richardson’s. Eighteen-year-old Jason woke up and threw the covers off of his naked body. He was tall, fairly skinny, but his new interest in visiting the gym was starting to show results. His skin was tanned and shaved smooth from being on the schools swim team. Still waking up, he rubbed his eyes. Slowly, he started rubbing his growing cock and sighed. It was Monday; read Sex Story
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  9. Taking Advantage of the Short Chubby Redhead

    11/29/2020: Some years ago, shortly after I graduated from college, I started my first job and rented an apartment by myself. One evening when I got home from work and decided to go to a bar down that street. While there I noticed a short chubby redhead who kept looking at me and eventually she walked over to me. We started to talk and realized she had been in a class with my in college and her name was Terri. She was not normally someone I would find attractive but like other guys the more I drank the more attractive she became. I was around 6'2", medium build and was well endowed with a large cut penis read Sex Story
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  10. Duke and Wendy

    11/29/2020: Duke and Wendy sat on a Glider slowly rocking as they watched Carlos and Tom unsaddle their horse's. Duke at 54 and Wendy only 45 were retired Vegas Star impersonators. Duke whose real name was Victor was a dead ringer for John "Duke" Wayne, he had the same size, stature, gravely voice and was a Texas born real cowboy. Wendy was a Dick Girl, a Trans with long black hair, hormone and silicone large breast, hip and ass implants which gave her an incredible shape. She appeared as Cher. They had met in Vegas, been together 10 years and saw their popularity fading and saved a nest egg. One year pri read Sex Story
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